Taro; A golden Food Security crop you may not know about.

 A once popular food crop is new scarce. With current high demand and it’s food security value, investment in Taro or Cocoyam could be the silver bullet to fixing not only food insecurity in West Africa, but to reviving a competitive agribusiness ecosystem. 

What We Do


We offer data driven research that help NGOs and investors to understand and to niche-specialize profitable markets within the various Agri-subsectors.

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We serve as market conduit for superior agro inputs into west Africa, while helping farmers get market for their produce even if within Africa or beyond.


We use business analytic tools to describe, predict and/or prescribe business solution to aid better decision making.


Whether horticulture or animal husbandry, we provide active advice and farm management services for persons and professionals who desire to own farms but lack the requisite skillset and/or who do not have the time for such ventures. We simply partner with willing candidates to execute small, medium and large scale Agro projects nation-wide.


We provide training on horticultural related activities such as mushroom farming. We also provide 'turn-key' gardening solution for clients.

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About Us

 We are a business that has consulted for both local and international investors as well as NGOs on diverse Agribusiness related undertakings since 2018.
  Our research work  and agribusiness advisory efforts have led to more refined strategies for our clients, as well as increased profit.
 Our superior management of private farms & gardens have led to maximum agro output and high cash returns.
 We seek to leverage efficient agribusiness
operations within Africa, to improve commerce and employment outcomes in the sub-region. 

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